Clayton Crain

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Clayton Crain
Nationality American
Area(s) Digital painting, Computer painting
Notable works
Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears
Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation
Venom vs. Carnage
Carnage U.S.A.


Clayton Crain is an American comic book artist who primarily uses digital painting. He is known for his work with Marvel on Ghost Rider, X-Force, and Carnage and he is currently working for Valiant Comics on the comic Rai. Clayton is also known for his work with Todd McFarlane, covers for DC, and his unique sketch cover acrylic paintings.

Early life Clayton grew up in Moxee WA with his parents and older sister. He was sketching on his schoolwork from a very early age and made the definitive choice to be a comic book illustrator at the age of 14 after seeing Amazing Spider Man #315.

Career beginnings Clayton’s career began with Acclaim comics after he showed editor Fabian Nicieza a 5-page original story board of his artwork. His first book was Shadowman issues 16-20. Clayton went on to work on various projects for Todd McFarlane, Top Cow Productions, Marvel, and DC.

Current career Currently, Clayton is working for Valiant Comics on the book Rai, with writer Matt Kindt. He also continues to develop his painting techniques with acrylic and oil sketchbook covers and commissions.


Crain's interior art (except where indicated) includes:


  • Impure #1-?
  • 342 #1-?


  • Shadowman #16-20 (1998), his first professional work (as Klayton Krain)




Trade paperback collections include:


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