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CleanBrowsing is a free public DNS resolver[1] with content filtering, founded by Daniel B. Cid. It supports DNS over TLS[2] over port 853 and DNS over HTTPS[3] over port 443 in addition to the standard DNS over port 53. CleanBrowsing filters can be used by parents to protect their kids from adult and inappropriate content online.[4]

IP addresses and DNS filters[edit]

CleanBrowsing has 3 standard filters accessible via the following anycast IP addresses:[5][2]

Filter IPv4 Addresses IPv6 Addresses DNS over TLS
Family Filter
Adult Filter
Security Filter

Family Filter[edit]

Blocks access to adult content, proxy and VPNs, phishing and malicious domains. It enforces Safe Search on Google, Bing and YouTube.

Adult Filter[edit]

Less restrictive than the Family filter and only blocks access to adult content and malicious/phishing domains.

Security Filter[edit]

Blocks access to malicious and phishing domains.[6]

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