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Cleantech Group, llc
Industry cleantech
Founded San Francisco, California, USA (2002)
Headquarters San Francisco, CA
Key people
Richard Youngman, CEO

The Cleantech Group is a company that supports the development and marketability of clean technologies. The Cleantech Group provides members of its Cleantech network access to capital, investors, research and promotional opportunities. The group also provides advisory services for large corporations and governments.[1]

The Cleantech Group owns the term "cleantech" as a registered trademark. The term usually refers to investments in technologies and related business models focused on the roots of ecological challenges.[2] (In contrast, terms greentech or environmental technology often are used more narrowly to represent products and solutions designed to mitigate pollution.)

According to the company's website, the Cleantech Group has a stated mission to accelerate the growth of clean technology markets worldwide by functioning as a provider of insight, business opportunities, and relationships.

Representing more than $3 trillion in assets, the Cleantech Group’s global member network includes members from the more than 8,000 investors, 6,000 companies, and 3,500 professional services organizations focused on clean technology[3] in sectors ranging from energy generation to transportation to agriculture.

In addition to its network of investors, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and service providers, Cleantech Group also publishes research, data and industry news coverage; produces the Cleantech Forum series of international conferences which includes the Cleantech Forum San Francisco[4] and Cleantech Europe which are two of the longest running industry events of their kind.[5] Cleantech Group also presents the annual Global Cleantech 100 Awards, which encompasses nine categories of clean technology.[6]

Cleantech Group is a subsidiary of Enovation Partners.[7]


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