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Doosan Fuel Cell
Industry Alternative energy
Founded 2003
Headquarters South Windsor, Connecticut, USA
37°22′55″N 122°00′31″W / 37.38201°N 122.00848°W / 37.38201; -122.00848Coordinates: 37°22′55″N 122°00′31″W / 37.38201°N 122.00848°W / 37.38201; -122.00848
Key people
Jeff Hyungrak Chung, President and CEO [1]
Products Fuel cells
Number of employees
200+ (2011)
Parent Doosan Group

Doosan Fuel Cell America (formerly ClearEdge Power, Inc.) is a fuel cell manufacturer focusing on the stationary fuel cell. It is headquartered in South Windsor, Connecticut, U.S. The company employed 225 people as of August 2011.[2] It closed its operations in Connecticut in April 2014,[3] and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in May 2014.[4] The company has been merged with Fuel Cell Power of Korea[5] (not to be confused with FuelCell Energy).[6]


Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc. is the newest addition to Doosan’s 119-year-old legacy of global industrial and energy related companies. Founded in 2014 following the acquisition of the assets and intellectual property of the former UTC Power (a division of United Technologies), the company is built on the experience of its employees and the more than 50 years of broad investment and development in fuel cell technologies that accompanied the acquisition.

Although Doosan Fuel Cell America is young, the intellectual property, engineering and production capabilities have been at the forefront of fuel cell technology for the past five decades.

Timeline of applications of Doosan fuel cell technology:

1960s: Apollo space missions relied on fuel cells for electricity, heat, and drinking water 1970s: Stationary fuel cell power plants, First commercial demonstrations of stationary fuel cell power plants 1980s: Space shuttle orbiters utilized three fuel cells for all missions 1990s: 200 kW stationary fuel cell (PC25) is commercialized, with over 300 units sold 2009: PureCell® Model 400 is released to the market with industry-leading 10 year stack life 2014: Doosan Fuel Cell America is formed


Doosan Fuel Cell's headquarters are in South Windsor, Connecticut. The main product is a four hundred kilowatt fuel cell.

The technology is based on silicon and operates at 320 °F (160 °C).[7][8]

The fuel cell is powered by natural gas which a membrane breaks down into water, heat, carbon dioxide (CO2), and hydrogen, with the latter passing through a second membrane where electricity is generated.[9] CO2 and water are the only waste produced. The micro combined heat and power fuel cell have approximately 85% total fuel efficiency.[8][9] PEM fuel systems have an electric efficiency of about 30% .[10]

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