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The ClearSpace-1 (ClearSpace One) mission is an ESA Space Debris Removal mission led by ClearSpace SA (A spin-off of the EPFL in Lausanne) and its industrial team. The mission has as objective to demonstrate the complete value chain of Active Debris Removal by removing a Vega payload adapter (Vespa Upper Part) from orbit. The mission will demonstrate technologies for rendezvous, capture, and deorbit for end of life satellites and builds the path to space junk remediation.[1][2] Destructive reentry will destroy both the captured satellites and itself.[3]

In 2019, this company won a tender for a European Space Agency Space Safety program contract in the Active Debris Removal/In-Orbit Servicing (ADRIOS) project. It will target the Vega Secondary Payload Adapter from the 2013 Vega flight VV02 for de-orbiting.[4] The mission contract, worth 86 millions euros, was signed in November 2020 for a launch planned in 2025.[5]

ClearSpace-1 mission

ClearSpace-1 mission was preceded by e.Deorbit, a space debris removal mission under planning by ESA in 2010s. In the end, the e.Deorbit mission was not implemented, the satellite was not built and the whole e.Deorbit mission was cancelled. ClearSpace-1 continues the ESA space debris removal aspirations.


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