Clear (Bomb the Bass album)

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Btb - third album clear.jpg
Studio album by Bomb the Bass
Released 1995
Genre Electronica, trip hop[1]
Length 49:14
Label 4th & Broadway
Producer Tim Simenon, Keith LeBlanc, Doug Wimbish
Bomb the Bass chronology
Unknown Territory
Future Chaos
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link

Clear was the third album released by Bomb The Bass, the dance/electronic collective formed around British producer and musician, Tim Simenon. Released in 1995, the album which consisted of eleven tracks, saw the band progress from sample-heavy dance tracks to more conventional song structures.

Darker in tone than was previously expected from an act that had helped usher in the dance explosion of the late-1980s with the proto-house music track, "Beat Dis", Clear replaces most of the vibrant breakbeats and pop art dialogue samples from their other albums, Into The Dragon and Unknown Territory, with lower toned dub aesthetics, and a full line-up of guest vocalists.

Bringing forward many of the lessons learnt from utilising unconventional sample-based sound sources, and the dance-orientated manipulation of existing sounds to present fresh textures, the tracks included on Clear are often referred to as fitting the term musique concrète.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Bug Powder Dust" (with Justin Warfield)
  2. "Sleepyhead" (with Bim Sherman)
  3. "One to One Religion" (with Carlton)
  4. "Dark Heart" (with Spikey T)
  5. "If You Reach the Border" (with Leslie Winer)
  6. "Brain Dead" (with Justin Warfield)
  7. "5ml Barrel" (with Will Self)
  8. "Somewhere"
  9. "Sandcastles" (with Bernard Fowler)
  10. "Tidal Wave" (with River)
  11. "Empire" (with Benjamin Zephaniah & Sinéad O'Connor)


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