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Clear Creek is a hamlet in southwestern Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada.

Clear Creek's earliest known inhabitants, from around the year 1000 until approximately 300–350 years later, were the Algonquin nation. They were noted flint-workers and evidence of the skill in crafting arrowheads is still to be found in open worked field areas surrounding the village. The next wave of inhabitants were the Attawandaron nation, the Neutrals, who occupied the region from about 1350 until their absorption by the Iroquois 300 years later. The last significant native nation to occupy the area was the Mississaugas.


There are no sidewalks for safer pedestrian walking and wind turbines are seen very frequently within the vicinity of Clear Creek; being installed on November 2008.[1]

Approximately 70 people live in this town amongst the 140 houses. About 9 of the houses have been abandoned due to safety issues from the wind turbines.[2] People have lived in this community as far back as 1901 with some Canadian soldiers from the First World War having been raised in this community.[3]

Norfolk County has banned the placement of new wind turbines after becoming a "willing host" for them back in 2003. One of the council members were worried about Norfolk County becoming "industrialized" and "unnatural." Many leaders in Norfolk County envision the county as being an agricultural hub for Southern Ontario even by the middle of the 22nd century.[4]

The nearest high school is Valley Heights Secondary School which is to the northeast. Students from here grab the same high school bus as the students from Houghton.


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