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Cleargreen Incorporated is a for-profit corporation founded by Carlos Castaneda in order to promote Tensegrity, a group of movements that he said had been passed down by 25 generations of Toltec shamans.

On June 16, 1995, articles of incorporation executed by George Short (a fictitious name since there has never been a Cleargreen employee or associate with that name) were filed to create Cleargreen Incorporated.[1] The Cleargreen statement of purpose says in part, "Cleargreen is a corporation that has a twofold purpose. First, it sponsors and organizes seminars and workshops on Carlos Castaneda's Tensegrity, and second, it is a publishing house."[2]

On December 24, 1999, revised articles of incorporation were filed by Cleargreen's lawyer and signed by: Tracy Kramer, Bruce Wagner, Muni Alexander (a pseudonym for Carol Tiggs), and Renata Murez.

On October 5, 2011 Miles Reid and Aerin Alexander filed a lawsuit against Cleargreen Incorporated for the right to teach and copyright their own variation of the movements being taught at the Cleargreen sponsored Tensegrity seminars. In their complaint they asserted, "In an attempt to disrupt a scheduled health workshop in Europe offered by Miles Reid and Aerin Alexander, Cleargreen's directors, officers, agents and or representatives contacted several of the prospective attendees and disseminated false information urging these individuals not to attend the workshop."[3]

On May 19, the lawsuit was settled out of court and the case was dismissed with prejudice.[4]