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Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway
A3 CCLR 2-6-2 No 24 Departing Kingsway.jpg
SR&RL 2-6-2 No. 24 departing Kingsway Station
LocaleLincolnshire, England
Dates of operation1948–
Track gauge15 in (381 mm)
Previous gauge14+14 in (362 mm)
Length2,130 yards (1.95 km)[1][2]
Cleethorpes Coast
Light Railway
Cleethorpes Kingsway
over boating lake
(former station)
Sheds & Workshop
Lakeside Central

The 15 in (381 mm) gauge Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway primarily serves holidaymakers in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, England.[3] It operates from near the Cleethorpes Leisure Centre, running to the mouth of the Buck Beck.


The CCLR began as the Cleethorpes Miniature Railway in 1948, and ran for a distance of 300 yards (270 m) near the sea front in Cleethorpes.[4] The line was relocated and extended the following year, and between 1949 and 1971 ran southwards for 760 yards (690 m) from Cleethorpes Town to Thrunscoe (near the current Discovery Halt).[5] The line was extended at both ends in 1972: the northern terminus was relocated slightly closer to the town centre, while at its southern end it now ran as far as the Zoo.[6]

It became the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway when it was privatised in 1991,[7] and the new company renamed the termini Kingsway and Witts End. Witts End (located at zoo, which by this time had closed to visitors) was abandoned in 1994, and a new southern terminus was built at Meridian (now Lakeside). A new extension from Lakeside to Humberston North Sea Lane was opened in 2007, lengthening the railway from 1,150 yards (1,050 m) to 2,130 yards (1,950 m).[1]

In the 1960s, the line used battery locomotives. On being regauged in the 1970s, two Rio Grande steam outline locomotives built by Severn Lamb were used. Since being taken into private ownership, a variety of steam and diesel locomotives have been used, followed by petrol-driven engines with a steam outline, though genuine steam locomotives are now in operation. A National Lottery grant enabled the railways supporter association to acquire stock from the long-dismantled Sutton Miniature Railway in Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield, including Bassett-Lowke Class 10 Little Giant 'Mighty Atom.'[8][9]

The railway held the Olympic Torch on Day 39 of the 2012 Olympic Torch relay with BMR locomotive 'Mountaineer' hauling the Alan Keef 'Council Rake' carriages from Kingsway station to Lakeside station.[10]

The railway was sold to Cleethorpes Light Railway Limited in May 2014 [11][12][13] and celebrated its 70th anniversary in July 2018.

Present operations[edit]

Trains run from Cleethorpes Kingsway station, next to Cleethorpes Leisure Centre, over a 40 yards (37 m) viaduct and along the sea wall, turning SSW to run past the sheds to the intermediate main station named Lakeside. The track continues 900 yards (823 m) south-east to a station named Humberston, close to the Meridian Line car park, and the mouth of the Buck Beck.


  • Cleethorpes Kingsway: Original station dismantled in 1998 and the current station built and opened in 1999 with a viaduct over the boating lake on way into the station. Station building houses gift shop.
  • Discovery Halt: No longer in use, but platform exists, accessed by means of footpath alongside.
  • Lakeside: The main terminus with engine sheds and workshops, passing loop and on the platforms a cafe, mfunction space and the Signal Box Inn 'The Smallest Pub on the Planet'.
  • Humberston: Opened in 2007, features a signal box.[14]


There are three official colour-coded timetables:

  • Blue (mid-week and off peak): 50 Minute Timetable; 1 train.
  • Green (weekends and bank holidays): 30 Minute Timetable; 2 trains.
  • Red (gala days and some special events): 15 Minute Timetable; 4 trains.

The railway has a fleet of nine steam locomotives and four internal combustion locomotives. Passenger rolling stock consists of ten fully enclosed bogie carriages, one articulated set and six open top carriages.[citation needed]

Steam Locomotives[edit]

Locomotives which have worked on the railway but have since left are listed in Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway timeline.

Name No Wheel Arrangement Tractive + Cyl Size Built Status Owned By
Sutton Belle[15] 1 4-4-2+T 4.25 x 6.75 Cannon Ironfoundries 1933 Stored CCLRSA
Sutton Flyer[16] 2 4-4-2+T 4.25 x 6.75 Griffin Foundry 1950 Stored CCLRSA
Mighty Atom/Prince of Wales[17] 11 4-4-2+T Bassett-Lowke 1908 Stored CLR Ltd
SRRL 24[18] 24 2-6-2+T 3000 lb 5.94 x 8 Fairbourne 1990 In Service CLR Ltd
Effie[19] 0-4-0WT Great Northern Steam 1999 Under Restoration CLR Ltd
O4 Class[20][21] 6284 2-8-0+T Crome/Loxley 2009 In Service T. Brackenbury
Bonnie Dundee[22][23] 11 0-4-2+T Kerr Stuart KS720/1901[24] In Service R&ER (loan)
Flower of the Forest[25] 2w-2 VBT R&ER 1985 Stored R&ER (loan)

Diesel and Petrol Locomotives[edit]

Name No Wheel Arrangement Fuel/Transmission Built Status Owner
7 0-4-0 Diesel-mechanical Lister 1944 Under Restoration CLR Ltd
Dudley[26] SMR 4 Bo-Bo 4* Petrol-mechanical G & S Light Engineering 1946 Stored CCLRSA
Rachel 15 0-6-0 Diesel-mechanical G & S Light Engineering 1959 In Service CLR Ltd
DA1[27] 6 0-4-0 Diesel-mechanical Bush Mill Railway 1986 In Service CLR Ltd

Rolling Stock[edit]

Number Type Built Seats Livery Notes
1 Enclosed Observation 1930 14 Royal Maroon with coloured linings Was built as a drive trailer for a 2-car railcar. As the engine was an Austin 7 engine, it was fitted with an Austin logo, which it still carries today. Was converted into an ordinary coach****. It arrived at Cleethorpes in 2002.
2 Enclosed 1930 12 Royal Maroon with coloured linings Built for the Sutton Miniature Railway, arrived at Cleethorpes in 2002.
3 Enclosed 1930 12
4 Enclosed 1952 12
5 Enclosed 1952 12
6 Enclosed Observation 1952 14 Royal Maroon with coloured linings Built originally the same as no. 2-5. Rebuilt with observation in 1956. Built for the Sutton Miniature Railway, arrived at Cleethorpes in 2002.
7 Open 1952 14 Red & Brown seats with black floorboards and frames Built for the Sutton Miniature Railway, arrived at Cleethorpes in 2002.
8 Open 1954 14
9 Open 1956 14
10 Open 1956 14
100 Guard's Van 1977 12 Crimson and Cream Built by Severn Lamb for Longleat Railway, sold to Cleethorpes in 1990.
101 Enclosed 1977 16
102 Enclosed 1977 16
103 Enclosed 1977 16
N/A Council Rake 1987 102 + 2 wheelchair users Royal Maroon with cream band Articulated set built by Alan Keef for North East Lincolnshire Council.



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Coordinates: 53°32′47″N 0°00′51″W / 53.54649°N 0.01425°W / 53.54649; -0.01425 (Cleethorpes Light railway, Lakeside)