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Rev. Clement Ellis (1633–1700) was an English clergyman and poet.


He was born on 2 February 1633 at Rose Castle in Cumberland, England. His father, Captain Philip Ellis (1606–1663), was the steward for Barnaby Potter (1577–1643) Bishop of Carlisle who resided in Rose Castle and who was also Ellis' godfather. He was educated as a child along with the bishop's children. During the English Civil War Captain Ellis defended the castle for four years for the king with his own private funds after the death of the bishop.

Clement Ellis was educated at The Queen's College, Oxford. While in college he received several anonymous donations for his father's suffering during the Civil War and to fund Ellis' education. Ellis would later become a fellow of the college as well. In 1656 he was ordained at Oxford where he preached for several years. Afterwards he became the private chaplain for William then Marquis of Newcastle (later Duke of Newcastle) for a few years. Around the time his book "The Gentle Sinner; or England's Brave Gentlemen" in 1660 he became the rector of the parish of Kirkby-in-Ashfield. At the time that he became the rector the parish was in disorder from the Civil War. Through his charitable work and his church sermons he was able to help bring about unity to the parish that had been lost during the Civil War. While in Kirkby he was offered several opportunities to serve as rector to larger parishes all of which he turned down in favor for his smaller congregation of Kirkby. In 1693 he was appointed to be a prebendary in the collegiate parish church in Southwell. The appointment was indented to be a reward for all of Ellis' work in Kirkby. However, again not wanting to leave his congregation in Kirkby and also because of his ailing health prevented him from fulfilling all of his duties he decided to resign his preferment.


On 4 June 1664 he married Elizabeth Remington. The couple were married by Rev. Robert Remington in London. Elizabeth was born on 17 November 1636 in Lund to Sir Thomas Remington (1610–1681) and Dame Hannah Gee Remington (1611–1691). The couple had four sons and a daughter:

  • Margereta Ellis (1665–1741)
  • Clement Ellis (1668- ? )
  • Philip Ellis (1669–1671)
  • Thomas Ellis (1672- ? )
  • Philip Ellis (1674–1747)

In July 1691 his wife Elizabeth died of a stroke. On 28 June 1700 Clement died after a lingering illness. The two were buried at the Church in Kirkby in Ashfield at which he had been the rector for several years. Ellis was also the 6th-great-grandfather of the British film actor Donald Pleasence.

Literary works[edit]

Ellis wrote several books, sermons, and even a few poems. His literary works tended to focus on Christian spirituality, Christian life styles, etc.

Title of Book Year Published Notes
The Gentile Sinner; or, England's Brave Gentlemen 1660
Catechism 1674
The vanity of Scoffing, in a letter to a witty gentleman, 1674
Christianity in Short; or, the way to be a good Christian 1682
Right Foundation of Seriousness Quietness and Concord 1684
The Protestant Resolved 1688 co-authored with William Sherlock
The Reflector's Defence of his letter to a good Friend 1688
Necessity of Consideration and Repentance 1691
The Parable of Dives and Lazurus 1704 Published by his son after his death
On that of the Unjust Steward 1704 Published by his son after his death
On the Ten Virgins 1704 Published by his son after his death

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