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Clementsport is located in Nova Scotia
Clementsport in Nova Scotia

Clementsport is a community in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, located in Annapolis County. It is on the southern shore of the Annapolis Basin and is on Nova Scotia Trunk 1.[1]

The village was established originally by Empire Loyalists from Long Island, NY, who came to the region around the time of the American Revolution, c. 1785.[2] Several homes and churches in the village date to the late 18th century and early 19th century. Formerly an industrial Town, Clementsport has been the site of extensive wooden shipbuilding in the past, and had an iron smelting factory along the river, as well as extensive dockworks, stores and residences that were built along the river on wooden pilings and stilts, similar to the yet existing structures in the nearby village of Bear River. The decline of wooden shipbuilding led to the decline of the former Town, and none of the structures that were built along the river yet remain. More recent economic decline in the region has led to the closure of several local businesses, including a gas station, convenience stores, a pizzeria, art galleries, and a bed and breakfast.

Clementsport is situated on the Annapolis Basin, along the Moose River. It is at roughly the half-way point between Annapolis Royal and Digby, along Highway 1.

Local Attractions[edit]

The Clementsport Legion offers a full supper every Friday night and provides a variety of entertainment including live music, cards, crafts and more.

Some locals may be able to direct visitors to the scenic Clementsport Waterfall.

Clementsport has a rug hooking studio, located in the former Community Center on Clementsport Road, and also has an antique furniture store.

Clementsport is a few kilometers away from the Upper Clements Park theme parks.

There is also a post office in Clementsport.

Former Residents of Note[edit]

Clementsport is the birthplace of Edward P. Morse, the industrialist and proprietor of the Morse Dry Dock and Repair Company of New York.

Famous actress Theda Bara visited her parents regularly in this community.

Country legend Wilf Carter spent his summers, as a youth, in Clementsport, visiting relatives who lived in the community.


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Coordinates: 44°40′1.44″N 65°36′38.5″W / 44.6670667°N 65.610694°W / 44.6670667; -65.610694 (Clementsport, Nova Scotia)