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Founded 2011
Founder Mike Watt
Distributor(s) Org Music
Genre Alternative Rock, Punk Rock
Country of origin United States
Location San Pedro, California
Official website

Clenchedwrench (stylized as clenchedwrench) is an independent record label founded by Mike Watt, bassist for The Minutemen, Firehose and The Stooges.

Watt started clenchedwrench after returning from the Japanese tour behind his fourth solo album, Hyphenated-man,[1] which had been released in October 2010 by the Japanese label Parabolica Records. In a recent post on his Hoot Page,[1] he cited the fact that he had recorded several albums worth of projects, including the long-awaited fourth album from his two-bass duo Dos, an album reuniting him with his Contemplating the Engine Room project band The Black Gang, and several other projects, but had only been able to release a couple of them through other independent labels. "I want no hiccups with getting them out," he wrote, "So up goes my own freak flag flying."

The first release on clenchedwrench is set to be the worldwide (except for Japan) release of Hyphenated-man, to be followed up later this year with the fourth Dos album and the first album by Il Sogno del Marinaio, a trio Watt wrote, toured, and recorded with in Italy in late 2008. The label has also issued Watt's Spielgusher project (with Richard Meltzer and members of Mi-gu) and a second Il Sogno Del Marianaio album as of 2014.


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