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Naiad queen of Lelegia
Member of the Sparta Royal Family
AbodeLelegia (later called Laconia)
Personal information
Children(1) Eurotas
(2) ?Myles and Polycaon

In Greek mythology, Cleocharia (/ˌklˈkɛəriə/;[1] Ancient Greek: Κλεοχαρείας Kleokhareia) was a naiad of Laconia who later on became the queen-consort of King Lelex of Lelegia. She was the ancestress of the Spartan royal family and gave birth to Eurotas (presumably named after his grandfather). Eurotas had a daughter named Sparta, who married Lacedaemon.[2] The latter named the city of Sparta after his wife. However, the city's name would also be his own, as it was called either Lacedaemon or Sparta interchangeably.

In some accounts, Lelex's two children were Myles and Polycaon possibly by Cleocharia. In this account, Myles was the father of Eurotas instead.[3]


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