Cleopatra no Mahō

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Cleopatra no Mahō
Developer(s) Square
Publisher(s) Square
Platform(s) Family Computer Disk System
Release date(s)
  • JP 24 July 1987 (1987-07-24)
Genre(s) Role-playing video game
Mode(s) Single-player

Cleopatra no Mahō (クレオパトラの魔宝 Kureopatora no mahō?, Cursed Treasure of Cleopatra) is a Japanese role-playing video game developed by Square for the Family Computer Disk System, and published in 1987.[1][2]

The player character is the son of an archeologist who disappeared while searching for the Tears of Isis, artifacts once owned by Cleopatra. During the man's excavation for the Tears, demons appeared and abducted him. The boy soon learns that he must find the Tears in order to save his father.[1][2]

In life, the pharaoh Cleopatra asserted that she was an incarnation of Isis.

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