Cleostratus (crater)

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Coordinates 60°24′N 77°00′W / 60.4°N 77.0°W / 60.4; -77.0Coordinates: 60°24′N 77°00′W / 60.4°N 77.0°W / 60.4; -77.0
Diameter 62 km
Depth 2.2 km
Colongitude 78° at sunrise
Eponym Cleostratus

Cleostratus is a lunar crater near the northwest limb of the Moon. It lies to the northeast of the crater Xenophanes, and west-southwest of the prominent Pythagoras. From the Earth this crater appears highly elongated due to foreshortening.

The rim of this crater has become soft-shouldered due to steady impact erosion, and the formation is now just a depression in the surface surrounded by an eroded rise. A pair of small craters lie across the southwest rim, forming part of a short chain of craters leading to the west. Along the crest of the southern rim is a linear ridge. The satellite crater Cleostratus E is attached to the northwest rim, and intrudes slightly into the inner wall. The interior floor of this crater is flat and nearly featureless, having only a few tiny craterlets marking the surface.

Cleostratus (center) in a telescopic photograph

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Cleostratus.

Cleostratus Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 62.7° N 77.3° W 35 km
E 60.9° N 79.6° W 21 km
F 61.5° N 80.4° W 50 km
H 61.2° N 81.9° W 13 km
J 61.3° N 83.8° W 20 km
K 62.0° N 81.1° W 17 km
L 62.2° N 79.3° W 11 km
M 61.5° N 74.9° W 9 km
N 60.6° N 73.1° W 4 km
P 59.6° N 72.9° W 7 km
R 58.9° N 72.9° W 6 km