Clepsydra Geyser

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Clepsydra Geyser
Location Yellowstone National Park, Teton County, Wyoming
Coordinates 44°33′15″N 110°48′38″W / 44.5541004°N 110.8104886°W / 44.5541004; -110.8104886Coordinates: 44°33′15″N 110°48′38″W / 44.5541004°N 110.8104886°W / 44.5541004; -110.8104886[1]
Elevation 7,254 feet (2,211 m)[2]
Type Cone geyser
Eruption height 45 feet (14 m)
Frequency Constant
Location at Fountain Paint Pots

Clepsydra Geyser is a geyser in the Lower Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park in the United States.

Clepsydra plays nearly continuously to heights of 45 feet (14 m).[3] Named by T. B. Comstock during the 1878 Captain Jones expedition.[4] The name Clepsydra is derived from the Greek word for water clock. Prior to the 1959 Hebgen Lake earthquake, it erupted regularly every three minutes.[5]


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