Clerke Island

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Clerke Island
Location Northern Australia
Coordinates 11°58′16″S 143°17′17″E / 11.971°S 143.288°E / -11.971; 143.288
Area 0.29 km2 (0.11 sq mi)
State Queensland

Clerke Island is an island about 1 km East of Cape Grenville in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Queensland, Australia, in Temple Bay about 200 km north-east of Iron Range National Park and Lockhart River on the Cape York Peninsula. It is around 29 hectares or 0.29 square km in size.[1]

This island is part of Home Islands.

The nearest populous place is the village of Lockhart River which is 90 km (56 mi) away with a population of around 450.[2]