Clevedon Shore

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Clevedon Shore
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Clevedon Shore is located in Somerset
Clevedon Shore
Location within Somerset
Area of Search North Somerset
Grid reference ST402719
Coordinates 51°26′35″N 2°51′43″W / 51.44292°N 2.86181°W / 51.44292; -2.86181Coordinates: 51°26′35″N 2°51′43″W / 51.44292°N 2.86181°W / 51.44292; -2.86181
Interest Geological
Area 0.94 acres (0.0038 km2; 0.00147 sq mi)
Notification 1991 (1991)
Natural England website

Clevedon Shore (grid reference ST402719) is a 0.38 hectare geological Site of Special Scientific Interest adjacent to the Severn Estuary at Clevedon, North Somerset, notified in 1991.

It is the side of a mineralised fault, which runs east-west adjacent to the pier, and forms a small cliff feature in Dolomitic Conglomerate on the north side of Clevedon Beach, containing cream to pink baryte together with sulphides. The minerals identified at the site include: haematite, chalcopyrite, tennantite, galena, tetrahedrite, bornite, pyrite, marcasite, enargite and sphalerite. Secondary alteration of this assemblage has produced idaite, Covellite and other Copper sulphides.[1]

The site is listed as a Geological Conservation Review site as several of the minerals found here are rare, in particular the beudantite. The presence of copper and arsenic is unusual for the Mendip district.