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The Cleveland FES Center provides a critical mass dedicated to the advancement of neuro-augmentation and neuro-prosthetic solutions, developing technological solutions that improve the quality of life of individuals with neruological or musculoskeletal impairments through the use of functional electrical stimulation and enabling the transfer of this technology into clinical deployment.

Cleveland FES Center
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Partnering organizations[edit]

The Cleveland FES Center is a consortium of three nationally recognized institutions: Department of Veteran Affairs, MetroHealth Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University.


Established in 1991, the Center focuses on the application of electrical currents to either generate or suppress activity in the nervous system. This technique is known as functional electrical stimulation (FES). FES can produce and control the movement of otherwise paralyzed limbs for standing and hand grasp, activate visceral bodily functions such as bladder control or respiration, create perceptions such as skin sensibility, arrest undesired activity such as pain or spasm, and facilitate natural recovery and accelerate motor relearning.

The Functional Electrical Stimulation Center was founded to introduce FES into clinical practice, translating fundamental knowledge of electrical stimulation of paralyzed nerves and muscles into useful systems that enhanced the independence and quality of life for people with disabilities.

For over three decades, researchers and clinicians of the Cleveland FES Center have impacted virtually every aspect of implanted functional electrical stimulation as leaders in the development of the science and technology of neural activation and its clinical application. In 2003, the Center expanded its areas of expertise in cortical control, implantable systems and electrode technology.

The Center is funded by a Center of Excellence award from the Department of Veterans Affairs and individual grant support.


The FES Center has two primary laboratories: 1) Motion Studies Laboratory, located within the Cleveland VA Medical Center, and 2) Rehabilitation Engineering Center, located within MetroHealth Medical Center. However, some of the very important basic science experiments and animal trials are conducted at the Neural Engineering Center. The Technical Development Laboratory (TDL) is also a key component of the Center. The TDL in charge of designing, building and testing most of the technology used by the Center researchers. The TDL has a Machine Shop, Electronics Lab, Fabrication Lab, and Class 1,000 cleanroom, and is located in the main Campus of Case Western Reserve University.

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