Cleveland Smith: Bounty Hunter

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Cleveland Smith: Bounty Hunter
Directed by Josh Becker
Produced by Scott Spiegel
Written by Josh Becker
Scott Spiegel
Starring Bruce Campbell
Cheryl Guttridge
Sam Raimi
Music by Filmhaus Music
Cinematography Josh Becker
Tim Philo
Edited by Josh Becker
Distributed by Action Pictures
Release dates
Running time
Nine minutes
Language English

Cleveland Smith: Bounty Hunter (also known as Cleveland Smith: Bounty Hunter: Episode 36) is a 1982 short film written and directed by Josh Becker and starring Bruce Campbell.


Bruce Campbell plays an Indiana Jones-type explorer named Cleveland Smith, exploring a dark cave and avoiding oncoming boulders, evading chasing Indians and crossing the river in a canoe to escape them. When one of their spears springs a leak in his canoe, he jumps onto a rock that turns out to be a dinosaur, which he also escapes from, only to land in quicksand. When confronted by a nazi (Sam Raimi), Smith hooks his whip on a plane flying low, only to crash into a tree near a native camp, holding Smith's love interest Sally (Cheryl Guttridge) hostage. Smith scares some of the natives off with a ventriloquist dummy, fights off a swordsman and a giant native and finally saves Sally while retrieving a pair of pants known as the "Waders of the Lost Park". Smith falls off a cliff and Sally is captured by the nazi from before, but springs a trap in the process.



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