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Clever Bins
government contractor
Industry Outdoor advertising, advertising
government contractor
Litter bins
Founded London
Sept 9, 2009
Founder William Sachiti
Headquarters The Lansdowne Building
London, United Kingdom
Area served
United Kingdom
Hong Kong
Dubai, Italy
Number of employees
9 (2010)
Website Clever Bins

Clever Bins is UK trademark[1] and patented a high-end solar-powered street litter bin for the display of digital outdoor advertising.

Clever Bin[edit]

Clever Bins come with a crystal clear display panel which allows the display of A2 paper size sized posters . These are lit up by directional LED beams. The panels are encased in military standard Riot shield

Digital Instant Messaging - Clever Bins premium units come with broadcasting capability to mobile devices. This allows the unit too send specially crafted messages to any smartphone users that are within the vicinity of the unit.

Solar Illumination - Daylight in our cloudy country is more than enough to charge the units for up to 7 hours of illumination. The innovative technology uses green energy and regulates power distribution, charge and what level of daylight the unit will use to self illuminate.

The Company[edit]

Clever Bins had a successful trial with the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. The scheme was to be launched following funding. In August 2009, Clever Bins found its way into the BBCs investment TV show Dragons Den.[2]

Clever Bins is currently partnered up with Keep Britain Tidy[3] on a study for which Keep Britain tidy will release the results later in 2011.


Clever Bins can be found outside some of London's busiest tube stations Current confirmed locations include London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham,[4] Lakeside Shopping Centre, Birmingham City, Tower Bridge London, and known international locations include Singapore, Hong Hong and Italy.[5]


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