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FormerlyNan Tan Computer (1983–1997)
Company typePublic (TWSE: 2362)
Founded1983; 41 years ago (1983)[1]
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Rugged computers

Clevo (Chinese: 藍天電腦; pinyin: Lántiān diànnǎo; lit. 'Blue Sky Computers') is a Taiwanese OEM/ODM computer manufacturer that produces laptop computers. They sell barebones laptop chassis (barebooks) to value-added resellers who build customized laptops for individual customers.[2][3][4][5]


Clevo was founded in 1983 as Nan Tan Computer (NTC).[1][6][7] In 1987, the company established its laptop computer business, with production starting in 1990.[8] In 1992, NTC set up Clevo, a U.S. subsidiary which would distribute its laptops in the country.[6][9] NTC later adopted the Clevo name for itself and first listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1997.[8] In 1999, Clevo merged with their subsidiary, Kapok, to increase efficiency. In August 2002, Clevo had built a new factory in Kunshan, China.[1]


Clevo has marketed its products in over 50 countries. The company has also founded several service centers in Canada, Germany, Great Britain, China, Taiwan, South Korea and the United States. These centers serve various businesses, ranging in size from small to multinational, with a variety of product selections in either small or large quantities.[1] Clevo focuses its business on designing, developing, manufacturing, and distributing electronic equipment and laptops.[10]


Some Clevo PCs use MXM upgradable video cards and replaceable desktop CPUs.


Clevo products are not sold to end users but to companies that configure them and sell them under their own brand.


Companies that use Clevo include:

Company Country Extra information
Aftershock PC Singapore Azerbaijan
Ardor gaming Russia DNS store chain brand
AVD Denmark
Avell Brazil
Axioo Indonesia Axioo Cyberbook uses CLEVO NV41PZ as a base.
Digital Storm USA
DogHouse Systems USA
Ekimia France Among others: Pulsar, Polar, Neutron, Unifit, Drift models
Entroware UK
Eurocom Canada
Gigabyte Technology Taiwan
Hasee Chinese Mainland
HIDevolution USA
Illegear Malaysia
Hyperbook Poland
Laptop with Linux[11] The Netherlands Laptop with Linux is the brand name; the company name is Comexr B.V.
Maingear USA
Mecer South Africa
Metabox Australia
MSI (Micro-Star International) Taiwan
Multicom Norway
Mythlogic USA
Neo Philippines Site went down May 2018. Support option is still offered by Eternal Asia, Inc. Former office was taken over by Biostar Philippines
NovaCustom The Netherlands
PC Specialist[12] UK
Sager USA
Sager USA, France High end gaming laptops.
Schenker Germany
PCi (IT-secure Luxembourg) Luxemburg
Shark gaming Denmark
SHS Computer Belgium
SKIKK [1] The Netherlands
Slimbook Spain
Station X UK
System76 USA
Terrans Force Chinese Mainland
ThinkPenguin USA
TUXEDO Computers Germany
VANT Spain
why! open computing Switzerland
Xidax USA
XMG [2] Germany
Xotic PC USA
Groupe LDLC [fr] France Marketed as 'LDLC laptops'.
Laptop With Linux The Netherlands
EWIS Sri Lanka
Machenike China
Monster Notebook Türkiye
Maibenben China
Utopia Computers [3] [13] UK

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