Click, Clack, Splish, Splash

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Click, Clack, Splish, Splash: An Counting Adventure
Counting adventure cover.jpg
First edition cover
AuthorDoreen Cronin
IllustratorBetsy Lewin
CountryUnited States
SeriesClick, Clack
SubjectChildren's literature
PublisherAtheneum Books for Young Readers
Publication date
January 3, 2006
Media typePrint (Hardcover)
Preceded byClick, Clack, Quackity-Quack: An Alphabetical Adventure 

Click, Clack, Splish, Splash: A Counting Adventure is a children's book written by Doreen Cronin and is illustrated by Betsy Lewin. It is one of the sequels to Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type.


While the farmer sleeps on the couch close to the fishing tank, Duck and the barnyard animals sneak into the house on a quiet mission that involves "3 buckets piled high" outside the window and "4 chickens standing by". At the end of the book, the reader finds out that Duck's plan was the liberate the farmer's fish.


A Publishers Weekly review says, "Though not quite as charming as its abecedarian cousin, this slight volume still offers a comical introduction to numerals one through 10. Lewin's black-outlined menagerie is as breezy as ever, tiptoeing, climbing or splashing through lots of white space to the final destination".[1] A Kirkus Reviews review says, "A must-have sequel to all of Duck's adventures".[2] Rosalyn Pierini, of School Library Journal reviewed the book saying, " A great tool for parents and teachers seeking to make learning fun".[3]


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