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오빠들이 돌아왔다! 13년만의 완전체 컴백 클릭비 (식신로드 GOURMET ROAD) 261회 예고.jpg
Click-B in Nov 2015
Background information
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Years active 1999–present
Labels DSP Media
Associated acts
  • JnC
  • Ash Gray
  • Ha Hyun Gon Factory
  • Woo Yun-suk
  • Oh Jong-hyuk
  • Kim Sang-hyuk
  • Kim Tae-hyung
  • Ha Hyun-gon
  • Yoo Ho-suk
  • No Min-hyuk

Click-B (클릭비) is a seven-member South Korean pop and hip hop group. They were formed in August 1999 under DSP Media, the same company as Fin. K.L. and the former Sechskies. Click-B started out as a band combining rock and dance beats in their music.[1]

The band split in 2002, with 4 members remaining. They joined the k-pop duo, J-Walk (consisting of two previous Sechskies members Jang Su Won and Kim Jae Duc) to form JnC. Then member Kim Tae Hyung left the group after their 4th album to pursue personal interests.

In 2006, Click-B (with the previous arrangement of 3 remaining members Oh Jong-hyuk, Woo Yun-suk and Kim Sang-hyuk) released their 5th album "Smile".[2]

In 2011, Click-B (with all seven members) got together for a brief comeback with two new singles, "To Be Continued" in April and "빈 자리 (Empty Seats)" in November.[3][4][5]

On December 14, 2013, DSP Media organized a concert 'DSP Festival' at Jamshil Arena where Click-B performed as a group along with other artists under the same management. A few members were absent for various reasons: Evan (Yoo Ho-suk) was still serving his military obligation, Kim Sang-hyuk was on hiatus from the entertainment industry and Kang Hoo (Kim Tae-hyung) was busy with his acting career.[6][7]

In August 2015, it was reported that all seven members would return for a new album slated for release at the end of this year.[8] A month later, DSP Media confirmed that the group will make its comeback in October.[9] DSP Media announced the group would hold its first concert after thirteen years since debut, "7-3=7" on November 21.[10] The group would be released "Reborn" on October 21.[11]


Kim Tae-hyung[edit]

Kim Tae-hyung (김태형) (born March 19, 1981) is the leader of the band. Tae Hyung started his mandatory military service on December 23, 2006.[12]

After leaving Click-B, Tae-hyung ventured into acting under the name 'Kang Hoo'.[13]

Woo Yun-suk[edit]

Woo Yun-Suk (우연석) (born May 13, 1980) is the oldest member of the group. His position was rapper and vocal. He attended Kyunghee Cyber University, Department of Global Management. In June 2006, he released a digital single, "Baby Boo". Then in July 2007, he formed a duo group named Mainstream with his good friend MC K and released a digital single "One Rainy Day" where he also acts for this music video. Mainstream released their 1st official album in August 2007 with title song "Sting" where Sanghyuk was starred in this music video.

In 2012, Yun-suk opened a bar lounge called "Arigato" in Itaewon.[14]

In 2013, Yun-suk announced plans to open a music academy named Kids Music Planet where fellow member Ha Hyun Gon will be the academy's main composer.[15]

Oh Jong-hyuk[edit]

Oh Jong-hyuk (오종혁) (born February 16, 1983) was the lead vocal. He, like the other two members, attended Kyunghee Cyber University, Department of Global Management. In 2006, Jong-hyuk released his first solo album OJ Issue and later came out with a digital single in 2007.

On April 18, 2011, Jong-hyuk enlisted in the Pohang Marines Training Camp and will be serving in the marines naval band after training is completed.[16]

In 2013 after completing his mandatory military service, Jong-hyuk rejoined Click-B's former management company DSP Media[17]

In September 2013, T-ara's management Core Contents Media, released an official statement confirming that Oh Jong Hyuk and Soyeon of T-ara have been dating for the past 3 years.[18]

In 2014 he played the role of Oh Gil-han in the drama series Healer.[19]

Kim Sang-hyuk[edit]

Kim Sang-hyuk (김상혁) (born May 7, 1983) was one of the vocals and rapper and played the bass for the group. Like the other current members, he also attended Kyunghee Cyber University, Department of Global Management. He runs his own internet shopping mall.

In 2005, Sang-hyuk was forced to suspend all activities after a DUI charge.[20]

Shortly after completing his mandatory military service in May 2013, Sang-hyuk announced his comeback to the Korean music industry at a fan meeting.[20]

During the end of May 2014, Sang-hyuk was arrested for sexual harassment. While intoxicated, he mistook a stranger for a member of his own party and had tried to pull her along while changing drinking venues. After an explanation and apology, he was released and all charges dropped by the other party.[21]

Ha Hyun-gon[edit]

Ha Hyun Gon (하현곤) (born November 28, 1983) played the drums for the group. After leaving Click-B, Hyun-gon formed Ha Hyun Gon Factory (하현곤 팩토리) with the most recent single released May 23, 2013.[22]

Yoo Ho-suk, Evan(에반)[edit]

Yoo Ho-suk (유호석) (born December 8, 1983) was one of the vocals for the group. He left the group in order to study overseas but came back as a solo artist under the new stage name Evan(에반). His songs primarily show strong jazz influences, as he studied the music genre when he was in America.

He has since released three albums: Hard to Breathe and Pain Reliever, his first and second album respectively, under TN Entertainment (owned by former H.O.T. member Tony An). His third album ANEW was released under EbyM Entertainment on April 8, 2010. He is now signed under new management, Dream Star Entertainment.[23]

Evan made his first foray into acting with a small role in Crime Squad a.k.a. Detectives in Trouble starring opposite Song Ji-hyo in episode 7.[24]

Ho-suk entered his mandatory military service on November 12, 2012.[25]

No Min-hyuk[edit]

No Min-hyuk (노민혁) {born December 24, 1983} played the guitar for the group. He still composes many songs and some of his songs were in Click-B's last album, Cowboy. He is now part of the trio 애쉬그레이 (Ash Gray).

In 2010, Min-hyuk starred as Jimi Hendrix in a four episode South Korean Drama Special, Rock, Rock, Rock.[26]

In 2012, Ash Gray participated in the Korean band competition, Top Band 2. They first appeared in the second episode of the show winning in a triple tournament against two other bands, On The Spot and Vanila City. However, they were eliminated in the next round.[27][28][29]

Ash Gray collaborated with Melody Day on the OST for 7th Grade Civil Servant.[30]



  • 1999: Volume 1 - Click-B
  • June 2000: Volume 2 - Challenge
  • April 2001: Volume 3 - Click-B3
  • November 2001: Volume 3.5 - 너에게...'편지'
  • February 2003: Volume 4 - Cowboy
  • June 26, 2006: Volume 5 - Smile (Remake album)

Single albums[edit]

  • October 21, 2015: 1st Single album - Reborn


  • April 2011: To Be Continued
  • November 2011: 빈 자리 (Empty Seats)


  • January 2004: The Best Of Click-B

Concert and tour[edit]

  • 7-3=7 (2015)


Mnet Asian Music Awards[edit]

Year Category Work Result
2000 Japan Viewer's Choice Award N/A[31] Won
2001 Best Male Group "Undefeatable" (백전무패)[32] Nominated
2002 "To Be Continued"[33] Nominated


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