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clickBOOM is a global design firm, founded in Canada in 1994. clickBOOM (sometimes incorrectly spelled as two words, "Click Boom") is best known for their ports of Quake and Myst for the Amiga computer during the late 90's.

A disgruntled programmer hid a text file of his complaints about his employers in the Amiga version of Myst.[1]

Since February 2002, clickBOOM was developing PC/Mac digital remasters of 'Wings', 'Lords of the Rising Sun', 'It Came From the Desert' and 'Rocket Ranger' for Cinemaware Inc., but PXL Computers (parent company of clickBOOM) later filed a lawsuit against Cinemaware at the Superior Court of California, for breach of contract and unpaid development cost, so PXL Computers and clickBOOM never released the 4 games they were developing.

Since 2003 clickBOOM opened an office in the United States, exited the games market and concentrated its operation on design and software development, serving clients such as AT&T, NTT DoCoMo, Sony, Sprint Nextel, Verizon, Vodafone and more.

In 2007 the company was renamed to PXL/clickBOOM.

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