Clifden Suspension Bridge

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The bridge looking southwest over the Waiau River.

The Clifden Suspension Bridge is a historic suspension bridge near Clifden, New Zealand. Built in 1899, it spans the Waiau River and is 111.5 m long.[1] It is sometimes called the "Iron Bridge."

The bridge has been accessible to pedestrians only since 1978. In April 2010 the bridge was closed to pedestrian traffic due to safety concerns outlined in a report commissioned by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust (now Heritage New Zealand), the organisation that cares for the bridge. The safety issues were identified after a routine inspection of the bridge after an earthquake the previous year.[1] After repairs, the bridge was re-opened to pedestrians in November 2013.[2]

The bridge, constructed of twenty-seven steel cables attached to concrete pillars (clad to resemble stone pillars), still has its historic wooden decking.[3] It is listed as a Category I Historic Place by Heritage New Zealand.[4]


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Coordinates: 46°01′48″S 167°42′54″E / 46.030086°S 167.715075°E / -46.030086; 167.715075