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Cliff Holden FCSD (born December 12, 1919 in Manchester, England)[1] is a British painter, designer, and silk-screen printer.[2][3]

Holden was educated at Wilmslow Modern School followed by Reaseheath School of Agriculture, where he studied agriculture and veterinary science.[4]

In 1944, Holden met David Bomberg (1890–1957) at the City Literary Institute in London. In 1945, he and other artists including Dorothy Mead followed Bomberg to Borough Polytechnic. There he founded the Borough Group[5] in 1946 together with other pupils of Bomberg after consultation with him, among them Miles Richmond.[6] The purpose of the group was to develop the ideas of Bomberg[7] who taught at Borough Polytechnic during the 1940s and 1950s, and was the leading light of the movement.[8] Holden was first president of the group during 1946–48, as suggested by Bomberg, after which Bomberg became president and the group extended to 11 members, among them Dennis Creffield.[4] The group was active until 1951.

Holden met the Swedish artist Torsten Renquist and has exhibited in Sweden. From 1956, he lived in Sweden[4] and his artworks are also in collections there.[9]

Cliff Holden is a member of the London Group.[3] He is a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers and the Free Painters & Sculptors.[9] He is also a design associate of the American Institute of Interior Designers. He received an honorary doctorate from London South Bank University in 2006.[10]

The collections of the Arts Council, Manchester City Art Gallery, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Tate Britain, Victoria and Albert Museum, and other art museums include work by Holden.[11][2]

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