Cliff Quay Power Station

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Cliff Quay Power Station
Cliff Quay Power Station - - 400189.jpg
Cliff Quay Power Station viewed from the north in June 1983
Cliff Quay Power Station is located in Ipswich
Cliff Quay Power Station
Location of Cliff Quay Power Station
Official name Cliff Quay Power Station
Country England, United Kingdom
Location Ipswich, Suffolk, East of England
Coordinates 52°02′09″N 1°09′28″E / 52.0358°N 1.1579°E / 52.0358; 1.1579Coordinates: 52°02′09″N 1°09′28″E / 52.0358°N 1.1579°E / 52.0358; 1.1579
Status Demolished
Commission date 1949
Decommission date 1985
Operator(s) British Electricity Authority
Central Electricity Authority
Central Electricity Generating Board
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Bituminous coal
Power generation
Units operational 6 x 46 MW
Make and model Metropolitan-Vickers
Nameplate capacity 276 MW

Cliff Quay Power Station was a coal-fired power station situated to the south of Ipswich, Suffolk in the East of England. The station was designed by Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners and built by the Cleveland Bridge Company.[1][2] The station's boilers were made by Babcock Power Ltd, and its turbo generators made by Metropolitan-Vickers.

The station's six 46 megawatt (MW) generating units were brought into operation between 1949 and 1952. The station's boilers burned bituminous coal until it closed in 1985. The station was then demolished in November 1994.[3] The station was demolished by MJ Finnigan & Co.[4] In 1997, a 7,500 square metre bulk storage shed was built on the site of the power station.[5]


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