Cliff Robinson (artist)

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Cliff Robinson
Nationality British
Area(s) Penciller; Inker

Cliff Robinson is a British comic book artist, probably best known for his cover work on 2000 AD, and contributions to the Judge Dredd strip.


Robinson’s extremely precise inking style has clearly been heavily influenced by the early work of Brian Bolland, and is for that reason extremely well suited to producing detailed, extremely well composed single images for cover art. But his strip work has been praised highly by, among others, Gordon Rennie. This excerpt from a 2004 interview[1] demonstrates the regard in which Robinson’s art is held by the 2000 AD writers:

Q - Have you ever had an artist turn in something, and thought ‘Oh No! What have they done?!’ A - Yeah, but what can you do? The reverse happens too, of course. You turn in a script you maybe didn't think was so great, and the artist really brings it to life. That happened on a Dredd story I did called "Couch Potatoes". I quite liked it, but I thought there were too many corny lines in it about mashed potatoes. Cliff Robinson did an incredible job on it, though, and people absolutely loved it.

Robinson’s strip work outside Judge Dredd has been quite limited, though he did create the strip Mother Earth with Bernie Jaye.




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