Cliff Sings

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Cliff Sings
Cliff Sings (Album) Mono.jpg
Studio album by Cliff Richard with The Drifters
Released November 1959
Recorded 7–9 September 1959
Genre Rock 'n' roll, pop, pop standards
Length 36:10
Label Columbia
1959 Vinyl – SX1192 (mono)
1992 CD – 0777780417 26
- 2 on 1 with "Me And My Shadows"
1998 CD – 495 4392 (mono / stereo)
2001 CD – 5346002 (Stereo)
- 2 on 1 with "Cliff"
Producer Norrie Paramor
Cliff Richard chronology
Cliff Sings
Me and My Shadows

Cliff Richard's second album Cliff Sings was released in November 1959 through EMI Columbia Records and recorded at Abbey Road Studios, it reached No. 2 in his native the UK, album chart despite not including "Living Doll", Richard's first #1 single. The album is split between rock 'n' roll and traditional pop standards. It was recorded in both stereo and mono but only originally released in mono on LP.

This album lays down a starting post marker for a repeated pattern during Richard's career during the 1960s in which the Shadows would eventually be marginalized out of his career as a backing group by his producer Norrie Paramor. From this album onwards, for the interim until the mid-1960s, the Shadows and the Norrie Paramor orchestra would jointly share backing duties 50:50. Tony Meehan was used as a session drummer for tracks backed by the NP orchestra.

This album was also marketed on the EP format into four EPs: Cliff Sings no.1 to 4 (both mono and stereo).

Track listing[edit]

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) With Length
1. "Blue Suede Shoes" Carl Perkins The Shadows 1:45
2. "The Snake and the Bookworm" Doc Pomus, Mort Shuman The Shadows 2:10
3. "I Gotta Know" Matt Williams, Paul Evans The Shadows 2:25
4. "Here Comes Summer" Jerry Keller The Shadows 2:15
5. "I'll String Along With You" Al Dubin, Harry Warren The Norrie Paramor Orchestra 2:19
6. "Embraceable You" George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin The Norrie Paramor Orchestra 2:37
7. "As Time Goes By" Herman Hupfeld The Norrie Paramor Orchestra 2:25
8. "The Touch of Your Lips" Ray Noble The Norrie Paramor Orchestra 2:46
Side two
No. Title Writer(s) With Length
1. "Twenty Flight Rock" Ned Fairchild, Eddie Cochran The Shadows 1:43
2. "Pointed Toe Shoes" Carl Perkins The Shadows 1:50
3. "Mean Woman Blues" Claude Demetrius The Shadows 2:26
4. "I'm Walkin'" Fats Domino, Dave Bartholomew The Shadows 1:49
5. "I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)" Roy Turk, Fred E. Ahlert The Norrie Paramor Orchestra 1:56
6. "Little Things Mean a Lot" Carl Stutz, Edith Lindeman The Norrie Paramor Orchestra 2:32
7. "Somewhere Along the Way" Sammy Gallop, Kurt Adams The Norrie Paramor Orchestra 2:37
8. "That's My Desire" Helmy Kresa, Carroll Loveday The Norrie Paramor Orchestra 2:35

Release formats[edit]

  • Vinyl LP mono
  • Reel to Reel Tape.(?)
  • CD mono
  • CD mono/stereo


Cliff Richard and the Shadows