Clifford (Muppet)

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The Muppets character
Clifford, as he appears on Muppets Tonight
First appearance The Jim Henson Hour
Created by Jim Henson
Portrayed by Kevin Clash (1989-2005)
Species Muppet Human
Gender Male
Occupation Entertainer, musician, talk show host

Clifford is a Muppet character, performed by Kevin Clash. He is violet-colored with multi-colored dreadlocks[1] and big lips.


He was created to be the bass guitar player for the Solid Foam band on The Jim Henson Hour. In that series, Clifford usually wore Hawaiian shirts and always wore sunglasses. When The Jim Henson Hour was canceled, Clifford was one of its few characters to reappear. In 1990, he appeared as a member of the Electric Mayhem band in The Muppets at Walt Disney World television special. In that special, Clifford did not play bass guitar; he did, however, play glockenspiel, tambourine and cowbells. Clifford also made appearances on The Arsenio Hall Show and VH1.

In 1996, Clifford became the host of Muppets Tonight, but with a redesigned look.[1] This new Clifford had eyes and wore a sweater and neck tie instead of a Hawaiian shirt. The puppet's head was also built slightly differently. When Muppets Tonight ended in 1998 Clifford continued to appear in Muppet productions though to date he has only appeared in Muppets from Space (1999) and The Muppets' Wizard of Oz (2005) after Muppets Tonight. Both film roles had little to do with the actual story and can be listed as cameos, though he did have lines of dialogue in both. He had a supporting part in Muppets from Space, wearing sunglasses again, but now wearing a brown leather jacket and striped shirt. While he was treated as a part of the Muppet family in the movie, his screen time was minimal and he was not part of the movie's main plot. At MuppetFest, a Muppet fan convention held in 2001, Kevin Clash revealed that he disliked the eyes of the Muppets Tonight redesign and was happy to see the revert to sunglasses. Clifford's most recent appearance was a brief cameo in The Muppets' Wizard of Oz as the manager of the nightclub Poppyfields.


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