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Dr. Clifford Dalton (1916–1961) was a New Zealand nuclear scientist and inventor of the fast breeder reactor.[1] During the Second World War in 1942 he married scientist and author Catherine Graves (daughter of the writer Robert Graves) at Aldershot Register Office in Manor Park.[2] In 1947, he joined the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell in England. They subsequently emigrated to Australia, where he worked as Engineer-In-Chief of the Australian Atomic Energy Commission.

Family. Catherine Graves,wife. Sons, David James Dalton, Robert Dalton. Daughters Caroline Dalton, Antonio Dalton.

He died in 1961. Although the cause of death is generally acknowledged as cancer, Catherine Dalton has alleged that he was murdered; in her book 'Without Hardware', she claims that the Bogle-Chandler murders were intended to prevent Bogle from investigating her husband's death.


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