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Clifton is a hillside suburb above Sumner in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Clifton is a volcanic spur extending from Mount Pleasant.[1] Most of Clifton was originally purchased by Dr Alfred Barker, who had applied for a 50 acres (20 ha) land grant from the Christchurch land office. Barker sold his land in 1872.[2] The lower part of Clifton was undeveloped until 1903, when it was subdivided into 93 sections and put up for auction, as far up the hill as Tuawera Terrace, which was originally known as Victoria Terrace.[3] The land further up the hill was subdivided in 1908.[3]

A lower side spur, originally known as Lower Clifton, was bought in 1901 by Samuel Hurst Seager.[4] Seager landscaped and divided the section into 12 plots and it was sold under the name The Spur in 1914.[5] It has been known as the Spur since.[4][6] This area is the main residential hill area above Sumner.[7]


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Coordinates: 43°33′S 172°45′E / 43.550°S 172.750°E / -43.550; 172.750