Clifton Corridor

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Clifton Corridor rail line parallel to Clifton Road, crossing Old Briarcliff Way just east of Sage Hill

The Clifton Corridor is a proposed public transportation corridor in and near Atlanta, Georgia. It stretches from Lindbergh Center eastwards, following the existing CSX rail corridor to Emory University, with possible continuation along the northern edge of Decatur via Suburban Plaza on N. Decatur Rd. and on to the Avondale MARTA station. In March 2012, after considering bus, light rail and heavy rail rapid-transit options,[1] MARTA recommended a light rail option.[2]

MARTA proposes stations at:[2]

In Summer 2012, there was a referendum on a 1-cent sales tax (SPLOST) to fund traffic and road improvements. If approved, the tax would have provided $700 million to fund rapid transit along the Clifton Corridor.[3] The measure was defeated by voters.

Emory strongly supports rapid transit in the corridor.[4]