Clifton Hill Shot Tower

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Clifton Hill Shot Tower
Clifton hill shot tower melbourne australia.jpg
General information
Address94 Alexandra Parade, Clifton Hill
Coordinates37°47′39″S 144°59′26″E / 37.79417°S 144.99056°E / -37.79417; 144.99056Coordinates: 37°47′39″S 144°59′26″E / 37.79417°S 144.99056°E / -37.79417; 144.99056
Height80.16 metres (263.0 ft)

Clifton Hill Shot Tower is an 80-metre (263 ft) tall shot tower on Clifton Hill in Melbourne, Australia. Clifton Hill Shot Tower was built beside Alexandra Parade in 1882 and resembles a chimney. The tower was operated by the Coops family, who also managed Coops Shot Tower, now located within the Melbourne Central Shopping Centre.

The shot tower is easily visible from both Alexandra Parade and the northern end of Hoddle Street. The shot tower is on the Victorian Heritage Register.[1]


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