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Clifton Ko M.H.
Chinese name 高志森 (traditional)
Chinese name 高志森 (simplified)
Birth name Ko Chi-sum
Born (1958-08-06) 6 August 1958 (age 58)
Hong Kong
Partner(s) Perry Chiu 焦媛

Clifton Ko (Chinese: 高志森; pinyin: Gāo Zhìsēn; born 1958) is a Hong Kong film director, actor, producer and scriptwriter. He graduated from Kwun Tong Maryknoll College, and entered TV and film industry in late 1970s, firstly worked with director Clifford Choi. In this period he wrote Choi's No U-Turn (1981) and Teenage Dreamers (Chinese: 檸檬可樂; pinyin: Ningmeng Kele; Jyutping: Ling mung hoh lok; literally: "Lemon Cola"), and John Woo's comedy Once a Thief. In 1982 Ko entered Raymond Wong's the newly founded Cinema City & Films Co., and directed his first film The Happy Ghost in 1984. The film series, like all his major works, is a slapstick comedy with moral teaching, family value, and optimism. Ko, together the company, is prolific in making "Chinese New Year movies". Important titles include family comedy series It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World (beginning in 1987); Chicken and Duck Talk, a collaboration with comedian/writer Michael Hui; and ensemble comedy series All's Well, Ends Well (beginning in 1992); and It's a Wonderful Life (1994) (Stokes).

Filmography as director[edit]

Year Title
2006 We Are Family
2004 Forever Yours
In-Laws, Out-Laws
2000 Funny Business
Love Paradox
Winner Takes All
1998 Ninth Happiness
1997 Hong Kong Adventure
Legend of Mad Phoenix
1995 The Umbrella Story
Paradise Hotel
1994 One of the Lucky Ones
It's a Wonderful Life
I Will Wait for You
I Have a Date with Spring
1993 All's Well, Ends Well Too
Laughter of the Water Margins
1992 Summer Lovers
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World Too
All's Well, Ends Well
1991 The Banquet
Gambling Ghost
Daddy, Father and Papa
1989 Mr. Coconut
How to Be a Billionaire
Happy Ghost 4
City Squeeze
1988 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World 2
Chicken and Duck Talk
1987 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World
1986 Devoted to You
Porky's Meatballs
1985 Happy Ghost II
1984 Happy Ghost
Merry Christmas


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