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ClimateWell AB
AB (publ) (Publikt aktiebolag)
Industry Renewable energy
Headquarters Hägersten-Liljeholmen
Key people
Karl Bohman, CEO
Göran Bolin, CTO and vice president
Divisions ClimateWell Core Technologies

ClimateWell, or CW, is a multinational cleantech company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company and its business partners install energy efficient solar energy solutions that provide cooling and heating, plus heat tap water in commercial buildings, hospitals, factories, hotels, offices, multi family homes and single family homes around the world. Solutions are installed both in new construction projects and retrofitted to existing buildings.

Following the Technology Pioneer Award[1] received in 2007 at the World Economic Forum, TIME Magazine wrote about ClimateWell.[2]

ClimateWell owns the trademark to the industry term Solar Cooling.[3]


The company's innovations are credited to Göran Bolin, chief technical officer and vice president, and Ray Olsson, senior chemical researcher. Bolin also runs ClimateWell Core Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary focused on mass-producing cooling components with no CO2 emissions.

Per Olofsson, former CEO, was nominated in 2007 for the "European of the Year" and "Business Leader of the Year" award by The Economist, in its European Voice publication.[4]


ClimateWell has won the following awards for its breakthrough technology:

  • "Technology Pioneer 2007" at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland World Economic Forum[5]
  • "Most Promising Mature Cleantech Start-Up in Europe" recognition at The Transatlantic Green Platform 2009 in La Baule, France.[6]
  • "Fastest Growing Cleantech in Europe" at the Cleantech Connect 2009 in London, UK.[7]
  • "Premios Medio Ambiente" award was granted to ClimateWell by business newspaper Expansión, Garrigues and CISS in Spain[8]
  • "Energy Award" from Actualidad Económica in the "100 Best Ideas of the Year" list in Spain[9][10]
  • Second Prize -Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Entrepreneur of the Year at Globe Forum 2007 in Sweden [11]
  • First Prize Award by Svensk Solenergi, the Solar Thermal Energy association in Sweden[12]
  • Second Prize for Great Technology Award (Stora Teknikpriset) granted to Göran Bolin by NyTeknik in Sweden[13]
  • First Prize of the award for the best poster presentation at the International Solar Cooling Conference 2005 granted by Otti and Fraunhofer in Germany[14]


ClimateWell has been recognized in the following lists and publications:

  • Global Cleantech 100 - Top 100 Cleantech Companies in the world, recognition by Guardian News and Media and Cleantech Group[15]
  • Cleantech 100 - Top 100 Cleantech Companies in Europe, the 2008 Guardian/Library House CleanTech 100 list created by The Guardian in UK.[16]
  • Solar Cooling - Using the Sun for Climatisation publication by WISIONS for Sustainability[17]
  • Top 50 Nordic Cleantech Companies list created by Cleantech and[18]


His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf inaugurates ClimateWell with Fred Andersson, Chairman of the Board(left) and Luis Malo de Molina, President(right).

ClimateWell was formed in 2001 from the acquisition of SunCool by Göran Bolin's solar collector manufacturer Solsam Sunergy. Bolin became interested in the salt-based triple state absorption process[19] that transformed heat into cooling without using electricity. He envisioned "solar cooling" by commercializing the technology in places with plenty of solar irradiation.

The company's first "Solar Cooling" units were sold and installed as early as 2003.

The construction of a production plant in Olvega, Spain was completed in 2008. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden honored the production plant in September 2009 accompanied by a delegation from the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.[20] Orders and installations were also sent to high-temperature places in Italy, Dubai and Australia.[21]

In 2016 Anodaram acquireded ClimateWell, and changed name to SaltX Technology. [22]

Solar cooling[edit]

"Solar cooling" is the process of turning the solar irradiation, via hot water, into cooling without using electricity. Solar Cooling means using a solar thermal collector (i.e. not photovoltaics). The months of the year which require the most cooling also offer the most sunlight. Environmentally friendly cooling systems provide cooling without escalating the CO2 emission problem.

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