Climber Motor Company

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Climber Motor Company
IndustryVehicle manufacture
Founded1919 (1919)
FounderWilliam Drake, Clarence Roth, and David Hopson
Defunct1924 (1924)
HeadquartersLittle Rock, Arkansas, U.S.

The Climber Motor Company was a short lived automobile manufacturer based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Sales were targeted towards the Southern United States such as Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, as well as Arkansas.[1] It is the only car ever produced in the state of Arkansas.

The Climber Motor Corporation hired George Schoeneck as their Chief Engineer. Schoeneck had previously been involved with the Owen-Schoeneck and Geneva automobiles.[1]

Production started in 1919 with two models - the 4-cylinder Model K and the 6-cylinder Model S. Tourer, roadster and coupe body styles were offered for both models. Prices ranged from $1385 to $2400 for the Model K, and from $2250 to $3250 for the Model S.[2]

Lack of parts and finance led to the company being sold in mid-1924.[2] The New Climber Company built approximately 200 cars from parts that were available, and then the business was wound up.[2]

Part of the Climber Motor Car Factory was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.[3]


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