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Climbers on "Valkyrie" at the Roaches, UK

Climbing, or alpine, clubs form to promote and preserve the climbing way of life, including rock climbing, ice climbing, alpinism & ski mountaineering.

Clubs frequently act as advocates to protect climbing areas, advocate for climbers around the world, preserve climbing’s history and chronicle climbing achievement.[1]

Climbing clubs usually schedule climbing meets & events allowing members an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, learn new skills and partake in lead climbing which by definition requires two or more individuals.


Climbing clubs are often affiliated to a national governing or representative body for purposes of public liability insurance.

In the UK this is most often the British Mountaineering Council. In Ireland this is most often Mountaineering Ireland, [1]

Club facilities[edit]

Clubs may typically provide:

  • Scheduled meets & training
  • Mountain huts & reciprocal arrangements with other hut owners
  • Books, newsletters & other publications
  • Social events
  • Limited public/civil liability insurance
  • Rescue insurance
  • Discount schemes with climbing shops
  • Libraries & photo collections
  • Climbing grants
  • Conservation, stewardship & advocacy

Notable climbing clubs[edit]