Cline River

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Cline River
The Cline River near Abraham Lake
Country  Alberta  Canada
Basin features
Main source Pinto Lake
1,750 m (5,740 ft)
52°07′48″N 116°51′21″W / 52.13000°N 116.85583°W / 52.13000; -116.85583
River mouth Lake Abraham
1,321 m (4,334 ft)
52°10′23″N 116°28′43″W / 52.17306°N 116.47861°W / 52.17306; -116.47861Coordinates: 52°10′23″N 116°28′43″W / 52.17306°N 116.47861°W / 52.17306; -116.47861

The Cline River is a short river in western Alberta, Canada. It flows from Pinto Lake and joins the North Saskatchewan River at Lake Abraham in west-central Alberta.


Pinto Lake is located north of Sunset Pass. The lake is fed from the glacial meltwater of Minister Mountain, Mount Coleman, and Cirrus Mountain. The river then flows directly east, emptying into Lake Abraham.

The river, as well as Mount Cline and Cline Pass, are named for Michel Klyne, also referred to as Michael Cline. Klyne was employed as a fur trader by the Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company.[1]


  • Pinto Lake
  • Huntington Creek
  • Cataract Creek
  • McDonald Creek
  • Waterfalls Creek
    • Michele Lakes
  • Entry Creek
    • Lake of the Falls, Landslide Lake, Shoe Leather Creek
  • Sentinel Creek
  • Coral Creek
  • O.D. Creek

Previously known[edit]

  • Whitegoat River
  • Mirliton River

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