Clinical Hospital Dubrava

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Klinička bolnica Dubrava
KB Dubrava Zagreb.jpg
Clinical Hospital "Dubrava"
Location Avenija Gojka Šuška 6, Zagreb, Croatia
Care system HZZO
Funding Public hospital
Hospital type District General
Affiliated university University of Zagreb
Emergency department Yes
Beds 750+
Founded 1988
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Clinical Hospital Dubrava (Croatian: Klinička bolnica Dubrava) is a public teaching hospital in Zagreb, Croatia.


Clinical Hospital Dubrava was originally planned and built for the needs of YPA to be a large Military hospital with up to 800 beds. Designed as a level 1 Trauma and acute care center, Clinical Hospital Dubrava would have been one of the top hospitals for medical care in the region. With the start of hostilities in Croatia at the beginning of 1991, work on the hospital almost came to an abrupt halt, but with assistance from the Croatian health care system, work on the hospital was completed by the end of 1992 when it opened as a public health care medical facility offering 750 beds. Currently the hospital has 680~ contracted hospital beds. Clinical Hospital Dubrava is a level 1 acute trauma center and referral medical center, one of several in Zagreb (the other being Rebro, and Vingradska Hospitals. [1]).

There are plans to enlarge the current hospital by an additional 300 beds by extending it over what is currently the ground floor labs and research facilities and adding 7 additional floors. Plans call for a new surgical wing and additional labs and hospital wards.

Currently the hospital is among best medical facilities in the country, ranked 3rd nationwide by number and scope of treatments and specialists. Currently the hospital has an total area of 80.470sqm and serves mainly the eastern Zagreb boroughs, annually performing 18000 major surgical/medical procedures and 1.4 million other medical treatments for population of 280 000 residents. [2]


Coordinates: 45°50′4″N 16°2′6″E / 45.83444°N 16.03500°E / 45.83444; 16.03500