Clint the Stranger

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Clint the Stranger
Wild East DVD Cover
Directed by Alfonso Balcázar
Written by Alfonso Balcázar
José Antonio de la Loma
Helmut Harun
Starring George Martin
Music by Nora Orlandi
Cinematography Víctor Monreal
Edited by Otello Colangeli
Release date
  • 1967 (1967)
Running time
92 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Clint the Stranger, also known as Clint the Nevada's Loner, Nevada Clint and Clint, the Lonely Nevadan (in original Italian, Clint il solitario), is a 1967 Italian spaghetti western starring George Martin. A sequel entitled The Return of Clint the Stranger would follow in 1972.


Wild East released the film on a limited edition R0 NTSC DVD in a double feature with its sequel The Return of Clint the Stranger with the alternate title Clint the Nevada's Loner, present on the cover art. It is now out-of-print.



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