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Grape (Vitis)
Clinton grape.jpg
Photographic plate of Clinton grape from the book The Grapes of New York, 1908 by Ulysses Prentiss Hedrick
SpeciesVitis riparia × Vitis labrusca
Also calledClinto (more)
OriginNew York, USA
Notable regionsAustria, Italy

Clinton is a red variety of hybrid grape. Its phylloxera resistance led to its being planted in small amounts in the eastern Alps, although it imparts a pronounced foxiness and dark red colour to wine made from its juice.[1]


Clinton is a spontaneous cross between the North American species Vitis riparia and Vitis labrusca.[1] The first seedling was found in New York State by Hugh White in 1835.[2] After phylloxera arrived in Europe, it was planted in northern Italy, Switzerland[2] and Austria.

Distribution and wines[edit]

It is grown in Brazil, France, and Italian Switzerland.[1] In Austria it is one of the hybrid grapes used in Uhudler wines. In France it is illegal to sell commercially.[3] In Italy it is known as Clinton, and is sometimes confused with the vitis x labruscana variety Isabella, known as "Fragola" (strawberry) in Italy. Ubriaco al Fragola Clinto is a Veneto cheese rubbed with the must of Fragola and Clinton.

Vine and viticulture[edit]

It is a vigorous and early-maturing variety with small, black berries. It is very resistant to phylloxera.


Bacchus, Clinton Rose, Plant Des Carmes, Plant Pouzin, Vorthington, Worthington, Zephirin,[4] Clinto, Erdbeerer, Fragola.[2]


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