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For the defunct college in New Middleton, Tennessee, see Clinton College (Tennessee).

Clinton College was a Baptist college in Clinton, Kentucky established in 1873[1] and opening in 1874,[2] until its closure in 1915.[1] Originally a girls' school called Clinton Female College, it became coeducational in 1876.[1][2] The campus was eight acres in size.[2] The school's founder was Willis White,[1][2] a Baptist preacher who had served as the superintendent of schools of Hickman County.[2] The school operated under the auspices of, first, the West Union Baptist Association,[1][2] and, later, the West Kentucky Baptist Association.[1] Students came "mainly from western Kentucky, northwestern Tennessee, and southeastern Missouri and could receive instruction from "primary to collegiate" levels."[2] After its closure, the campus was used for Clinton High School from 1918 until 1935.[3]

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