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Clinton Truman Duffy (1898 – 1982) was the warden of San Quentin State Prison between 1940 and 1952.[1] He was a prominent opponent of capital punishment.[1]


His father was a guard at San Quentin, he was raised on the prison grounds, and his wife's father was also a San Quentin guard.[1]

The 1954 film Duffy of San Quentin tells his story as a warden.[2][3] His accomplishments during his tenure as warden include:[1][4]

  • Elimination of corporal punishment
  • Improvement of food services
  • Establishment of vocational training
  • Founding of an Alcoholics Anonymous program
  • Desegregation of the dining hall
  • Creation of the first prisoner-developed radio programs inside a prison
  • Inauguration of a prison newspaper

He was known to walk unarmed among the prisoners and to chat with them.[1][4] Although he "supervised 90 executions during his tenure as warden," he opposed capital punishment.[1]

After he left San Quentin, he worked for the state's parole board; in addition, he wrote books and gave lectures about capital punishment.[1] He died in Walnut Creek, California at the age of 84.[1]


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