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Clinton Community High School is a secondary school located in Clinton, Illinois. Students that attend the school are located in Clinton as well as surrounding towns such as Wapella, Kenney, Hallsville, and Lane. The school's athletic teams compete in the Okaw Valley Conference along with 11 other schools (beginning in Fall of 2007) located in central Illinois.

The superintendent is Dr. Jeff Holmes, the principal is Mr. Jerry Wayne, and the assistant principal is Mr. Jeff Burger.

School and class sizes: In 2010-2011, 582 students attended Clinton High School. The average class size is about 19.2 students per class, which is the state average of students per class.

Graduation rates: Last year the overall graduation rate of Clinton High School was 84.1 percent, and the overall state average was 83.8 percent.

ACT scores: Clinton, along with 150 other schools, had an average composite score of 20 on this exam.


School Website: The Clinton Maroons participate in the following sports:

  • Football- Head Coach: John Hayden
  • Cross Country- Head Coach: Steve Cors
  • Golf (State Runner-up 1996 Coach Jeff Burger)- Head Coach: Randy Workman
  • Dance (IDTA-State Champs)
  • Cheerleading- Head Coach: Kate Melia
  • Volleyball-Head Coach: Denice Hickman
  • Swimming- Head Coaches: Phil Donelson and Shelli Miles
  • Boy's BasketBall- Head Coach: Barry Gurvey
  • Girl's Basketball- Head Coach: Josh Williams
  • Wrestling- Head Coach: Rob Meadors
  • Boy's Track- Head Coach:
  • Girl's Track- Head Coach: Randy Anderson
  • Baseball- Head Coach: John Hickman
  • SoftBall- Head Coach: Lauren Owens
  • Bass Fishing (Sectional Champs 2011)

Notable Alumni[edit]


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