Clinton Historical Society (Clinton, New York)

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Clinton Historical Society
Location Clinton, New York
Part of Clinton Village Historic District (Clinton, New York) (#82003389[1])
Designated CP June 14, 1982

The Clinton Historical Society, in Clinton, in Oneida County, New York, is a historical society and a historic building. The building, built in 1832, is also known as Old Baptist Church of Clinton, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. [2]

It is the historical society that focuses on the Village of Clinton in Oneida County, and surrounding area.[3]

It is also the name of the historic church building in which the society is headquartered. The building is listed on the National Register as a contributing building in the Clinton Village Historic District.[4] The society's building once had a conical steeple as appears in a c.1900-1910 photo.[5]

The society is supported by Hamilton College, including by the college providing for printing of four newsletters per year.[5]


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