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Clinton Moore (born 24 April 1988 in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia) is a freestyle motocross rider from Australia. He is the current Red Bull X Fighters World Tour Champion winning the last event of the year in Abu Dhabi.

Personal Life and Career[edit]

Clinton Moore first started riding a dirt bike when he was a little kid, using the acres around the farm to develop his bike skills. This was when he realized he wanted to grow up to be a FMX rider. Moore originally got into the sport when his older sister's boyfriend lent him tapes of Freestyle Motocross riders. Moore participated in X-Games 2010 in freestyle where he finished in fourth place. Moore also made his Red Bull X-Fighters debut that year in London where he finished in dead last at eighth place.[1] In 2015 Moore made his first career win in Red Bull X Fighters where he won against Levi Sherwood 3-2 in the finals in Mexico City.[2]

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