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A clip strip refers to a trademarked brand of retail merchandising display strips manufactured by the Clip Strip Corporation located in Hackensack, NJ. The Clip Strip is a retail product display, so named because it is a length of material (either plastic or metal) with clips and/or hooks at regular intervals, upon which merchandise is displayed. It was invented by Edward Spitaletta in 1979. The term Clip Strip is a trademark of Clip Strip Corporation and the term merchandising strip refers to its actual functionality. Rival competitive products sold such as Ishida's Hang-Strips offer similar features.[1]


Most merchandising strips including the Clip Strip brand merchandising strip is hung off a shelf, pole, wall, power panel, gondola, freezer case or end-cap, serving to display merchandise. The invention known as a product merchandising strip is an excellent vehicle to utilize as a method to cross merchandise products in a retail environment such as displaying a soup ladle or can opener in the canned soup departmnent.


The merchandising strip known as the Clip Strip brand strip was invented in 1979 by Edward Spitaletta, who started the Clip Strip Corporation. At that time, Mr. Spitaletta applied for and was successfully issued a US patent on his invention. That patent lasted 20 years and eventually expired, but the Clip Strip Corporation still owns the Clip Strip trademark.

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