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Clipper City schooner.jpg
The 1984 replica of the Clipper City
United StatesUnited States
Name: Clipper City
Operator: Manhattan by
Ordered: 1984
Builder: Haglund Boatworks, Green Cove Springs, Florida
Homeport: New York, NY
Identification: 688904
General characteristics
Class and type: Topsail Schooner
Tonnage: 99.5
Displacement: 200 tons
Length: 158 ft (48 m)
Beam: 27.5 ft (8.4 m)
Height: 135 ft (41 m) from waterline
Draft: 14 ft (4.3 m) w/ centerboard, 6 ft (1.8 m) w/o
Propulsion: Sail; auxiliary engine
Sail plan: Two-masted square-topsail gaff schooner, 9,836 square feet (913.8 m2) total sail area
Capacity: 150 persons (not including crew)
Crew: 9

Clipper City is a modern replica of a nineteenth-century cargo schooner.

The original Clipper City[edit]

The first Clipper City was a cargo clipper schooner built in Manitowoc, Wisconsin in 1854.[1] Manitowoc soon became known for its shipbuilding industry, and "Clipper City" was adopted as a nickname for the town itself. A replica cross section of the Clipper City is on permanent display at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum.[2]

The replica[edit]

In 1984, the plans for the original Clipper City were purchased from the Smithsonian Institution,[3] and naval architects DeJong & Lebet, Inc. were hired to adapt the design to meet modern safety requirements. The new vessel, also named Clipper City, was a steel-hulled schooner carrying eight sails on two steel masts: six fore-and-aft rigged sails, and two square topsails.[4]

The Clipper City offered passenger sails out of Baltimore, Maryland for over twenty years, with occasional trips to the Caribbean and other destinations.

Current status[edit]

In 2007, Clipper City's then owner, John Kircher, filed for bankruptcy to avoid foreclosure on the vessel by Regal Bancorp, Inc. Clipper City's Coast Guard certification was revoked shortly thereafter due to a hull failure. Following a brief seizure by U.S. Marshals, the vessel was sold at auction to Regal Bancorp for $350,000.[5]

Clipper City was then purchased by ESV Corp and rebuilt to original condition. She operates as a day sail tour boat, running out of Battery Park in New York City, and is also available for private charters and corporate events by Manhattan By Sail.[6]

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